Providing Facilities for Leukaemia Patients and their Families

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Hundres of individuals donate to Karen Morris Memorial Trust every year to offer a simple human kindness to families and friends of leukaemia patients.  A few words from you can show them the impact that their gift is having.  Please go to and tell our supporters the difference that Karen’s Home from Home has made to you and your family.

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  • Been so amazing staying in one of the flats at Hammersmith Hospital after my husband had complications from his stem cell transplant, myself being disabled the travelling would have been so hard, I can't thank you enough.

  • My Dad has just spent over three weeks in Birmingham hospital. Thanks to the generosity of this foundation, my Mum was able to stay with him for the whole of his treatment. My Dad has never been the best of patient's and having my Mum present to support him was invaluable to him and extremely reassuring to the family. Mum loved the flat, felt very much at home and thought the facilities were fantastic.
    That is you for doing what you have done for relatives and patients of people receiving stem cell treatments, we are in your debt.

  • “I would like to say a big thank you for helping in a time of need. The flat was very nice and very close to the hospital so I could visit my wife three times a day. It helped to take some of the stress out of our situation. You do a great job, it shows there are a lot of good people in the world.”

  • Karen’s Home from Home was made available to us, Oona’s family, at the Hammersmith Hospital. It was an absolute godsend, especially in the last five weeks of mum’s life when the leukaemia returned as it meant we could maximise the time we spent with her whilst she was on Intensive Care. It was so warm and homely, when we were feeling so utterly distraught.

  • Lovely to have somewhere so close to the hospital for a much needed sleepover!  Thank you.

    Sharon, Plymouth
  • We have been so very grateful for the super accommodation you supply at Hammersmith Hospital while Rach was having the bone marrow transplant and after. A haven for frightened parents.

  • My husband and I have used one of the flats when I have had a five day chemo session. It saves a lot of hassle. The flats are very well equipped at Addenbrooke's and make the treatment that much more bearable.

    Barbara, King's Lynn
  • Very nice, convenient and cosy. Warm and welcoming - much appreciated.

    Glyn, Winchester
  • Dear Sylvia

    We arrived to a pristine and clean room after a long journey (in every sense)
    I'm here to do a Stem Cell Transplant for my sister who has ALL leukaemia. I've just had a restful sleep and am ready for the cell harvest this morning.
    This flat is a little haven of calm and power - thank you so much I don't know what I'd had done otherwise. Bless you, bless the Karen Morris Memorial Trust.
    p.s Wonderful hot shower too. I can't tell you how much this lovely flat has contributed. Sending best regards to the charity and it's keepers.
    pp.s wonderful to hear the birds singing, I feel very nervous and this is calming me down.

  • Would like to say a huge thank you - the wonderful facility is a god send. As we live five hours away we would not have been able to have visited our son as frequently as we have if it were not for these wonderful little flats. All you need is in them and its lovely and quiet here too.
    When the worst happens it makes you very grateful for other people's thoughtfulness so thank you Sylvia, your generosity it is very, very appreciated.

  • “My husband (who has multiple myeloma) and I have been so delighted to have the support of staying in Linton House at Addenbrooke’s while he was having various tests ready for pre-harvesting of his stem cells right through to him starting his stem cell transplant treatment. He was in the ward for just over three weeks and it made life so much easier for me to stay near him while he was going through his treatment as itmeant I could be there to support him and cheer him up whilst he was in hospital. I cannot praise your Karen Morris Memorial Trust enough and was so delighted with the flat and the facilities available. Thank you. THANK YOU.”

  • I was lucky enough to stay at the Karen's home from home in Birmingham during the donation for my brother's transplant. Being able to rest after each day of apheresis at the flat was a gift of invaluable worth. Being so close to the hospital and in such a comfortable environment meant I could donate and visit my brother each day during such a difficult time. Your hospitality is invaluable and has meant a lot to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart

  • Thank you so much for the room at Karen’s Homes From Home. We came from Ireland so that my husband could donate stem cells to his brother. It was such a great help to us to be beside the hospital both for the procedure and to be near his brother. We are so grateful.

  • Staying in the flat made a great difference to us especially over the Christmas period.

    Peter and Ann, Lancs
  • I don't know what we would have done without this wonderful flat. Our daughter has been in hospital for a month with Lymphoma and we have wanted to be with her as much as possible. We live in Lincoln....a long way to come and she is in hospital here as she is a student in Oxford. So thank you, thank you, thank you! She is transferring to Nottingham now so things will be easier.....
    A million thanks to you very kind people.

    Sue & Ross
  • I've stayed overnight a couple of times now during CLL chemo sessions. Being epileptic as well, I am unable to drive the 50-odd miles from my home. Being able to stay nearby has made things much easier for me. Grateful thanks to the Trust!